Ridge Venting

An important part of a high-functioning roofing system is ventilation. A proper ventilation system provides your home with several cost-efficient benefits. In the winter months, roof ventilation helps prevent ice-related damage. In frigid conditions, ice can melt and then re-freeze underneath shingles, causing them to crack and deteriorate. Venting allows the release of heat that builds up underneath the roof that can cause premature melting of snow and ice. In the summer, roof ventilation serves as a way for hot air that collects in attic spaces to be released, lessening the workload of your air conditioning system. We all know that the midwest experiences varying, inclement weather extremes throughout the year, so a ventilation system provides a dual purpose and is beneficial in any weather condition.

Ridge Venting Expert

Proper ventilation also protects your roofing system by releasing excess moisture that would otherwise build up in the attic. The combination of heat and moisture will cause rafters, sheathing, and any metal surfaces to rust and rot. Shingles can buckle and your home will experience decreased efficiency in insulation and heat retention. Mold and fungi can also develop, causing not only structural damage but a health hazard to you and your family.

Blackstone Roofing offers installation of ridge venting, which is a continuous vent strip that runs along the very peak of a roof. Ridge venting incorporates modern technology into a minimally invasive installation to provide homes with a quality ventilation system. Proper roof ventilation will prevent structural damage to your home caused by moisture, increase the longevity of your roof, reduce energy consumption, and enhance the overall comfort level of your home. Remember, a new roof cannot be sustained without the appropriate, high-quality ventilation system. Schedule a free consultation with Blackstone Roofing to determine the best way to ventilate and complete your roofing system.

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