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Blackstone Exteriors is home to a local team of high-quality residential roofing contractors. We proudly provide complete roofing services for residents throughout Iowa and surrounding states. Our dedicated commitment to quality, continuing education and outstanding customer service allows us to consistently deliver the industry’s very best roofing systems.


Quality Roofing Services

As a leading team of residential roofing contractors, Blackstone Exteriors offers a wide range of innovative, cost-efficient and dependable roofing services. Our professional services include:

  • Roof Inspection. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or just stay up-to-date, there’s never a bad time to have your roof inspected. In fact, scheduling regular roof inspections is one of the most proactive ways to protect your home from costly damages and other hazards. When our experienced team performs inspections, we look for signs of deterioration, damage and leaks. Roofs composed of wood are also checked for signs of rot and pest infestation. If any issues are discovered, we will work closely with you to map out a plan of action that may include scheduling a roof repair or replacement.
  • Roof Repair. Leaks, punctures and other types of roof damage can increase your energy costs, cause extensive water damage throughout your home and promote the growth of hazardous black mold. If you think your roof is in need of repair, our skilled team will promptly visit your home to efficiently diagnose and repair the problem. The functionality of your roof and the health of your home matters to us, so let our trusted roof repair services work for you.
  • Roof Replacement. No matter how proactive you are, sometimes bad things just happen. When those unfortunate events occur, our team is ready throughout the year to tackle your roof replacement project. We offer many types of roofing, including asphalt shingles, concrete shingles and metal. All of our roofing products come in a wide variety of colors and styles to get your home the look you want.
  • Ridge Vent Installation. Without proper ventilation, your roof will not achieve its peak performance, will wear out faster and will cost you more money down the road. Proper roof ventilation will prevent structural damage to your home caused by trapped moisture, increase the longevity of your roof, reduce energy consumption and enhance the overall comfort level of your home from season-to-season.

Additional Services

Besides our dependable roofing services, we also offer several other reliable home improvement services, including:

  • New Construction. Blackstone Exteriors skilled experts can bring your dream home to life. Our many years of roofing experience, wide variety of siding products and services, diverse selection of energy-efficient windows and our other full-service home improvement solutions can help us construct you a beautiful home that will provide comfort for many years to come. Our comprehensive new construction consultations can put you on the path to your dream home, so work with us through every stage of your new construction project.
  • Insurance Claims Support. Insurance is important, but no one wants to use it. The insurance claims process can be confusing, but our free consultations and assistance can ease your anxiety. Our team’s expert HAAG Certified Inspectors will efficiently handle your claim and make sure that all insurance guidelines and procedures are followed. We also give our appraisers the opportunity to obtain their adjuster’s licenses so they are better educated and more informed to serve you in your time of need.
  • Gutter Installation. Water is the number one source of roof and foundation problems in homes, so it is important that you keep your gutters up to snuff. Faulty gutters can lead to ice dams, increase your risk of foundation settling and allow damaging water to leak into your home. Blackstone Exteriors offers a full-color line of seamless gutter systems as well as affordable gutter covering systems, including leaf guards, screens and more. A Blackstone gutter system can prevent several costly and time-consuming issues in and around your home, so let our experienced crew install the perfect gutter system for your home.
  • Window & Door Repair/Replacement. Windows and doors are really just large holes in your home, and they are the first places that should be considered when thinking about energy efficiency. You will experience drafts, pest problems, insulation problems and decreased energy efficiency if these large holes are not adequately covered and sealed, so proper installation is critical. Blackstone Exteriors will help you increase your home’s energy efficiency while simultaneously refreshing its overall look with our affordable, high-quality window and door repairs and replacements. From installing proper fittings and securing locks to total door or window replacements and much more, our experts have the window and door solutions your home needs.
  • Siding Installation & Repair. Whether you want a complete remodel or you want to fix up your house, Blackstone Exteriors is here to help with our complete siding repair and installation services. Our experienced staff is trained to dig into our large variety of colors, styles and textures to help you create custom designs and accents that will make your home’s exterior exactly what you envision. Quality siding contributes to the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home, so Blackstone is committed to offering the widest siding selection available.

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Whether you have a new construction, roofing, insurance claim or other repair project, Blackstone Exteriors provides free consultations, free quotes, free proposals and timely service. To schedule your consultation or to simply learn more about our full-service residential home improvement solutions, give our friendly team a call at (515) 720-2158 or reach out through our online contact form.

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