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Blackstone Exteriors
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by on Blackstone Exteriors

I had a younger gentleman from Blackstone stop by on Wednesday who
walked around my house with a magnet and picked up/cleaned up any nails or
debris from the repairs done. He was super nice, diligent, and thanked me
for choosing Blackstone. Only a few days before I had noticed a few nails
here and there in the grass so it was awesome to see that be taken care of.
He was going to attempt loading the soffit box into his truck but it
wouldn’t fit so it’s still here.

Just wanted to let you know that I couldn’t appreciate the service I’ve
gotten from you guys any more. I had 3 other contractors flake out on me
before I contacted you and from the start you were locked in. Let me know
on the roof repair thing timing wise and when complete I’ll get you paid
ASAP. Thanks again!

by on Blackstone Exteriors

We appreciate the high quality work, fast service, friendly workers at all levels, and a quality product.

by on Blackstone Exteriors

I was very pleased with the work done on my roof. The crews were here to work and they did so from early morning until sometime dark. The finished job looks really nice. I was so impressed I had my son use them to replace his roof, and he to was very happy with the results.

by on Blackstone Exteriors

Very easy to work with and Jeff answered his phone!

by on Blackstone Exteriors

After a series of hail storms, the small towns in our area were flooded with different roofing companies. We had several come to our door– some very pushy. Black Stone came to our door, but the biggest difference being they ASKED US if we were wondering about hail damage and if they could HELP. The respectful attitude, excellent knowledge, and \”real\” approach won us over and Black Stone over all the others. To tell the truth, they weren\’t the absolute lowest estimate, but how we were treated made all the difference. The work was stellar– the fact that they went to bat for us with the insurance company, all the while keeping us in the loop made this recommendation easy. I wouldn\’t hesitate to recommend Black Stone Exteriors.

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